My New Spot

Since our graduation from Delaware and our arrival in Buenos Aires, we’ve all been trying to find our “spot.”  At home we all had our go-to bars where we could get a few drinks and hang with friends before going out for the night.  After sampling a few places in our neighborhood, I think we’ve found some front-runners.  The boys found great spots here and here, but I was in the market for something a little different.  One of my roommates suggested a bar in Palermo Hollywood that he went to a lot when he studied abroad here, and it is perfection in my eyes.  The bar, Acabar, is decorated so cool, I instantly fell in love.  A little shabby-chic and pleasantly cluttered, the bar has mismatched tables and chairs, adorable antique chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and floral printed wallpaper throughout the space.  I also loved all of the old photographs and paintings that were hanging on the walls.

The other cool thing about Acabar is that they have tons of old board games that you can play while enjoying your cocktails.  They have everything from giant Jenga to checkers.  Apparently I need to practice my checkers skills after losing terribly to one of the boys (damn triple jump!).  Acabar also serves my favorite South American drink, piscola.  Any establishment with board games and pisco is my kind of place.


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