MALBA is the Shit

After running a few job-related errands, one of the boys and I decided to visit the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, better known as MALBA.  Our trip got off to a slow start…my roommate got lovingly shit on by a Buenos Aires pigeon while waiting at the bus stop.  After a quick shower and change he was good to go, so we made our way back to the bus stop and hopped on the sixty-seven.

We were unsure of where exactly we needed to get off, so we asked a man sitting next to us and ended up getting help from everyone in our general vicinity (those porteños are so friendly).  Our new friends told us where to get off, and after about five minutes we arrived at the museum.  For fifteen pesos (a cheap date spot according to my poop-covered roommate) we were able to view the art at MALBA.  The first exhibit we went through was a temporary exhibition by Matías Duville called Safari.  The artist uses multiple different mediums, but we viewed works made with charcoal, pastels, and mud, among other things.

After, we looked through the permanent collection, which is made up of twentieth-century Latin American art, my favorite being a huge painting by Antonio Berni.

Antonio Berni, La Gran Tentacion

The last exhibit we visited was Panamericano by Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes and was my favorite exhibition at MALBA.  Milhazes uses beautiful bright colors in her works and I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures in the no-photo zone.

Before leaving we stopped and the gift shop and I purchased a few postcards with images of my favorite things from the museum.  I loved MALBA so much and can’t wait to go back.


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