La Poesía

I’ve been getting very antsy in my underemployment.  After a day of negative productivity, it was clear that I needed to get out of my apartment.  I was in the mood for a good coffee, so I did a little research to find a café that was open fairly late.  I came across Café La Poesía in San Telmo that sounded like the perfect spot to sit and relax with a good drink.  After waiting forever for the ever-elusive bus ninty-three, we made it to San Telmo.  The café is a few blocks from La Casa Rosada on the corner of Chile and Bolivar.  Similar to my other favorite spot, La Poesía is filled with knick-knacks, old photographs, and a lot of charm.  I especially liked the antique seltzer bottles they had, which always seem to remind me of San Telmo.  The boys ordered beer brewed in-house at La Poesía, while I enjoyed an Irish coffee (that came with a delicious piece of cornbread!).  I refrained from taking any pictures to prevent looking like my usual dorky self, so I stole a few from Google.  I can definitely see myself frequenting La Poesía on a regular basis.

Once we were done at the café, we walked around San Telmo and Microcentro to find a bus back to Palermo.  It was really nice to see all of the government buildings near Plaza de Mayo lit up, and I particularly enjoyed how peaceful Microcentro is at night compared to the normal chaos of the downtown area during the day.  The evening reminded me that I never shared our day at the San Telmo market, so stay tuned for that (belated) post!


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