Room Swap

After an extra rainy October, it has really started to feel like springtime.  It seems like the temperature changed overnight and is now very humid…and apparently it is only going to get more unbearably hot and humid as summer approaches.  After a few cool air-conditioned nights in my princess suite of a room (AC/ceiling fan, TV, my own phone, a bathroom, and a big closet) here in Buenos Aires, I felt a little bad for my roommate (who was probably experiencing a heat stroke every night), and decided to offer a room swap.  I was unsure if I had made the right decision (especially as I was moving in and out of the oasis that was my old room), but I have to say I am really enjoying my new space.  I’m loving the yellow and green walls, and my new little reading corner.  I am currently listening to my neighbor’s polka/Spanish music, which is actually pretty good, and I like the fact that I can hear the city bustling on the streets below my window.  I think the swap was a success (I got to keep eighty percent of the closet!), so hopefully I survive my first night in my new room…fingers crossed!


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