Since we are in Buenos Aires as ‘tourists,’ we have to leave the country every ninety days to renew our visas.  We decided to make a trip to Uruguay since it is right across the river and a good place to go for a day.  After working until 3am the night before, we had to catch an 8am ferry to Colonia del Sacramento (needless to say we were all very tired).  Our trip got off to a rocky start after nearly missing the ferry.  We thankfully made it just in time and started our journey across the Rio de la Plata.  However, midway across the crew discovered that there was engine trouble and turned right back around to Buenos Aires.  After yet another hiccup in our simple day trip to Uruguay, we hopped on a new ferry (which ended up crashing into the dock in Colonia, breaking a window on the boat) and eventually made it to Colonia.


The weather was perfect for a day of exploring in Colonia del Sacramento, which is an old town on the river that has both Spanish and Portuguese influence.  The town is beautiful with cute buildings and cobblestone roads.  We took a quick walking tour of the historical portion of Colonia, and then stopped for lunch where we had chevitos, which are popular sandwiches in Uruguay with steak, ham, a fried egg, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.  After a nice relaxing break we continued exploring the city and then stopped at the beach to sit in the sun.  Next we went to the lighthouse and climbed to the top to see the beautiful view.  We ended the day with a nice dinner on the water where we watched the sunset while enjoying a few cocktails (and another round of chevitos).  It was a very long day and we were all exhausted afterward, but it was definitely worth it in the end!










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