Gauchos for a Day

While in Mendoza there were a few things we really wanted to accomplish.  We of course wanted to visit the vineyards and drink lots of Malbec, but we also wanted to do as many outdoor activities as possible.  Mendoza offers different excursions, from rafting and hiking to paragliding.  On our first day, after finally showering and having a normal meal, Manuela informed us of a horseback riding tour that was planned for that night.  Eager to start exploring Mendoza, we said yes and a few hours later found ourselves at a ranch in the middle of nowhere with a group from our hostel.  We rode up into the mountains for about three hours as the sun was setting.  Our ride ended at another ranch in the mountains where a traditional Argentine asado was waiting for us.  Our guides brought us endless plates of steak, chorizo, potatoes, and a tomato salad (while also constantly refilling our wine glasses).  After an amazing meal we gathered around a bonfire and our gaucho guides played the guitar, sang songs, and told scary stories.  It was so much fun and the view of Mendoza from the mountains was amazing.






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