Mini Apocalypse



After a busy week of working and moving out of my apartment, the city was literally kicking my butt, so I was obviously very excited for my two week vacation to Mendoza and Santiago de Chile. I was so busy running last-minute errands on December 21, 2012, I totally forgot that the world was potentially ending at any point that day.  Surprisingly, the move out of 4560 Guemes went smoothly and by early evening my travel companions and I were ready to start our journey west.  We grabbed a quick coffee before heading over to the Retiro bus station (three hours early) to catch our bus to Mendoza.  We got there without any problems, and with an hour and a half to spare, we made ourselves comfortable at the gate where our bus would be arriving.  The station was chaos, and many buses were running behind schedule, so to be on the safe side my roommate checked with the employees at the information desk to ensure that our bus had not yet arrived.  It hadn’t, so we waited a little longer before the first 9:00 PM bus to Mendoza appeared on the departures screen (30 minutes late).  Discouraged, we realized this must not be our bus because the bus company on our ticket did not match the company on the screen.  Just to be safe again, my roommate went to ask if this was in-fact our bus, while my other roommate and I relocated outside to see if the bus was there.  We were told that our bus had not yet arrived, and that it was on a delay.  By 9:45 we were tired and just wanted to get on our bus, jealous of another Mendoza-bound bus that was pulling away at our gate…

Fast-forward to 11:30 PM (after waiting for hours and asking the people at the  information desk every 30 minutes if our bus had arrived yet) when my roommate broke the news to me that our bus did leave, at 9:45 when we were standing outside watching it drive away.  ‘So this is what the end of the world feels like’ I thought to myself as I held back tears in the Retiro bus station.  My own personal apocalypse.


things that kept me sane


things that kept me sane

Looking back, it really wasn’t the end of the world.  No, I did not appreciate the lack of customer service here, or spending 24 hours in a bus station in South America (eating hot dogs and without a shower), but the whole scenario did make it clear that I have lots of things to appreciate and be grateful for (and makes for a good story).  After a very long wait, we finally got on a bus to Mendoza and had an amazing vacation.




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