Tortas and Trannies

Two weeks ago our friend Jay came to visit us in Buenos Aires.  Jay studied abroad in Chile with my roommate Joe and I, and wanted to visit us and explore Argentina while we were living down here.  He arrived on one of the rainier days here, and since most of us work in the afternoons, we didn’t see him until late Monday night.  After catching up a little, we went to sleep with plans of doing some exploring the next day.  We had a quick breakfast and then headed to Recoleta so that Jay could see the cemetery and the artificial flower.  It was nice to explore the cemetery again and see parts of it that I missed the first time around.





  We got gelato from Freddo (I got dulce de leche with brownie chunks in a cone cup) and then bought the most delicious chocolate and dulce de leche torta from Luis XV.  We of course brought Jay to Las Cabras where he finished every last bite of his Gran Bife (I even forced him to eat a piece of steak that fell on the ground).



Jay spent the next few days visiting different parts of the city and even made his own day trip to Uruguay.  I think he had a wonderful time overall, the only negative thing being that he got his wallet stolen by a tranny outside of the club he went to Friday night (bienvenido a Buenos Aires).  It was nice to have a visitor from home come see us and I hope more friends and family decide to make the trip down in the next few months.


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