Couth Christmas

After a very interesting Christmas Eve, it was really nice to have a fairly mellow Christmas Day.  I sat out in the courtyard for most of the afternoon chatting with some of the other guests while uploading photos from our trip.  By free wine hour, the courtyard was packed with everyone staying at Hostel Independencia.  We told stories and listened to Christmas music before getting ready for round two of Christmas dinner.  This time we were prepared and made a reservation at a hotel around the corner from where we were staying.  The meal was outrageous and so delicious.  We ordered tempura prawns as an appetizer and a bottle of Malbec, and then got a pasta dish, veal, and lamb, which we all shared.  For dessert we got tirimisu and a dulce de leche cheesecake.  It was such a great meal and really made up for our kiosco sandwiches the night before.  After dinner we grabbed beers from one of our favorite spots back in Buenos Aires.  In the end it was a wonderful and very relaxing Christmas.







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