Ruta Panamericana

The next stop on our trip was Santiago de Chile.  Having studied abroad there two years ago, I was very excited to go back and to see parts of the city that I was not able to visit during my time there.  After a night of little sleep (I was too excited to sleep!), we arrived at the bus terminal (and actually made our bus) and I had plans of immediately falling asleep for the seven-hour bus ride.  However, I got distracted early on in the trip by the scenery that we were passing.  To get to Santiago from Mendoza you take part the Pan American Highway.  The highway goes right through the Andes Mountains and is incredibly beautiful.  I couldn’t help but continuously snap photos of my surroundings.  It was also nice that I was sitting next to a Chilean man who seemed more than eager to teach me about the area, and give me a brief history lesson…my new friend told me good spots to take pictures, and explained that Chilean customs/immigration was located very close to the highest point in the southern hemisphere, Aconcagua.  Although I was incredibly exhausted after the long ride, I was so happy that I stayed awake the entire time to witness the journey through the mountains.








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