World Wide Chile

I was extra-excited to be in Santiago because a lot of the friends we made in Mendoza would be there as well.  We met our friends at La Casa de la Luna Azul, which quickly became a more beloved spot that all of my favorites on Manuel Montt.  The resto-bar is on the second floor of a beautiful old building in Providencia.  I instantly fell in love with the black and white checkered floor in the entry room, and how the restaurant is made up of multiple rooms, each with its own personality.  The bar is cozy with dark wood walls and a fireplace, and upon walking in we were greeted by our friends and introduced to some locals.  We quickly recognized the owner from when we had studied abroad…he also owns a company called World Wide Chile that planed excursions for us while we were studying in Santiago.  As soon as we made the connection, it was like we were family.




After enjoying a few drinks and reminiscing a little, we made our way to a place called El Tunel.  This club was very cool as well.  You walk in and immediately take a spiral staircase down to enter the bar.  The music was perfect and the company was even better.  We stayed until the sun started coming up, and then said farewell to all of our Mendoza friends.


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