El Año Nuevo

We wanted to make New Year’s extra special, so we decided to make a nice meal before meeting up with some friends.  After a very delicious fajita dinner, we got ready for our New Year’s Eve festivities.  We shared a few delicious cocktails (pisco with Watt’s orange juice…so good) while chatting about our New Year’s traditions from home.  Steph (whose family is from El Salvador) had the most interesting traditions to share, some of which we actually reenacted in Santiago.  At midnight we walked towards the center of the city to watch an unbelievable firework show.  Upon Steph’s request we ate twelve grapes each (one for every month of the new year to bring goodluck in 2013) and shared a bottle of champagne as we walked towards Bella Vista to meet with some friends.  We celebrated the rest of the night at Galpon 9, and had such an amazing/interesting night.  As the clock struck twelve, I could not have been happier to start the New Year in such an amazing place while on one of the best adventures of my life…2012 was fantastic, but I am excited to see where 2013 takes me.





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