San Telmo Market

One of the classes I teach is in San Telmo, and to get to my office I have to walk a few blocks through my favorite part of the city.  I love the art on the walls of the buildings and the narrow cobblestone streets, and constantly feel the urge to snap pictures on my walk.  However, to avoid looking like even more of a tourist than I already do, I usually refrain from taking any photos.  Instead, I made a plan to visit San Telmo on a Sunday when the weekly market takes over the streets and is filled with people from out of town.  After our successful brunch, Steph and I headed over to San Telmo.  It was really lovely to go to the market again, especially since it was so cloudy and cold the first time we went.  There are so many interesting things to see, and I had to tell myself not to buy anything just yet.  We weaved through the streets taking pictures and exploring, and found so many new places we had never heard of before.









After walking around for a few hours, we stopped at a local pub for beers and a snack.  Gibraltar is a really cozy spot, with dark wood walls adorned with Groucho Marx quotes, floor to ceiling bookshelves and huge black leather couches.  Steph and I made ourselves at home on a couch and ordered some Coronas and Thai chicken to share.  We joked later that it was funny being in a pub, drinking Mexican beer, listening to French music, eating Thai food, all while in Argentina.  It was overall a really lovely afternoon, and I look forward to my next trip to the San Telmo Market.





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