Sunday Brunch

One lazy night I was procrastinating writing lesson plans by browsing Pinterest.  I came across a French toast recipe that instantly made me hungry and got me thinking about making Sunday brunch.  After sharing what I thought was a brilliant idea, I was completely shot-down by the boys, who argued that I sleep far to late on Sundays to serve a meal that could even be considered brunch.  Always one to accept a challenge and prove someone wrong, I vowed that I would make brunch that Sunday and have it on the table by 11am.  Sunday came and after sleeping for approximately four hours, I woke up (half-dead) to make our brunch.  After a few minor panic attacks and lots of help from Steph, brunch was served (eighteen minutes past 11 according to the boys).  We made French toast with Nutella and berries, scrambled eggs, homemade hash browns, facon (its pretty difficult to find regular bacon here, so we had to settle for ham), and fresh-squeezed orange juice.  Sunday brunch was definitely a success, and I hope its something we start to do more often.





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