Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is always a day I look forward to at home.  Even when my team is not playing in the game (which they usually are not), I love the excitement of the game, spending time with friends and relatives, and of course the food.  Knowing it would probably not be the same as being home, we originally planned on going to an American-owned bar to watch the game.  Fortunately, a friend of ours invited us to a Super Bowl party.  Our boss has lots of friends who work at the U.S. Embassy, some of which are Marines who were hosting a party at their house in Belgrano.  Upon arriving, we were greeted by a few of the guys who live there and some other workers from the embassy…we were also led to a gigantic pot of “man dip,” which was outrageously good and extremely addicting.  We enjoyed a delicious asado and Patagonia beers, and eventually made it inside to watch the game.  I could not have envisioned a better set-up.  The living room at the Marine house has lots of huge comfy couches and movie projector.  Although the commercials were different, it was a really great game (go Flacco!!) and an even better day.  It really felt like home and was just what we all needed to curb our homesickness.





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