It always amazes me how passionate people are about soccer (fútbol) here.  There is constant coverage on television, riots in the streets, and people decked head to toe in their favorite team’s colors.  Having wanted to experience a game since we arrived, I was really looking forward to going to a game for Joe’s birthday.  We got tickets to go to El Cilindro to see Racing play Lanús.  The game was wild, even if it ended in a zero-zero tie.  The fans put any fans from the U.S. to shame, standing the entire game and singing song after song cheering on their team (and insulting the other).  Fans bring gigantic banners that they hang from the railings of the stands, or hold above their heads during the game.  Some people even smuggled in what looked like sparklers and lit them all at once, which was actually pretty beautiful. It was a lot of fun and I’m happy that I finally got to experience a fútbol game in South America.



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