Pizza Piola

I sometimes think it’s strange, but I’m a huge pizza freak.  The boys always remind me of my late-night obsession with Little Caesar’s pizza at UDel ($5 pizzas with buffalo ranch dip, come on).  Besides my terrible taste in nighttime snacks, I do enjoy and appreciate a good slice, most likely because I am from New York.  It has been VERY difficult finding decent pizza in Buenos Aires…its usually too doughy with a drop of tomato sauce and an overload of cheese (and often topped with green olives…yuck).  We were very pleased when our boss introduced us to Pizza Piola.  The pizza is so good…we chose a pie with prosciutto and another with basil and sun-dried tomatoes.  The crust was perfect and the pies had just the right sauce to cheese ratio.  The meal was delicious, especially when completed with a delicious frozen treat to cleanse our palates.




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