La Cabrera

When we first started working we were really low on cash.  Still wanting to take in as much of the city as we could, we had to get creative about activities that we could do on a budget.  We would go to museums on days that it was free, or explore new areas of the park by our apartment.  Whenever we did have a little extra cash, we would try and get a nice dinner together.  We had read a lot about La Cabrera and decided to give it a try.  The restaurant is an upscale parilla that offers its entire menu at fifty percent off from seven to eight at night (perfect for a bunch of broke expats).  On our first visit we ordered chicken, pork, and steak to share.  The entrees also came with a ridiculous amount of sides that complimented the meat very well.  Having been very impressed the first time around, we decided to take Quail there for a farewell dinner (this time at a more reasonable dinner hour for Argentine standards).  We shared steak and pork and another round of delicious sides.  La Cabrera never disappoints, from its cozy and quirky décor, to its amazing parilla and sides (and the lollipop tower they bring out for dessert…they had root beer flavor!).




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