Mayor of the Market

San Telmo is by far my favorite neighborhood in the city.  I think it has the most character out of all of the areas of Buenos Aires, with its old buildings and street art.  With my love of San Telmo comes a love for the weekly market that takes over the streets each Sunday.  I couldn’t stop talking about it all week, so Quail decided to name me the mayor of the market.  When Sunday finally rolled around, we went to San Telmo to shop for trinkets that Quail could bring home.  We first stopped in the indoor portion of the market that is open every day and sells everything from fresh produce to vintage leather bags to antique chandeliers.  After we made our way up Defensa to explore what knick-knacks the market had to offer…Quail left with a new purse, jewelry boxes, and a crochet vest.  It was a successful day at the market (I left with my own crochet vest and a cute little owl figurine), and I will of course be going back very soon.







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