As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to appreciate a good cocktail.  Few places actually do a satisfactory job preparing a drink, and Milion in Recoleta is definitely one of them.  We first visited Milion back in October for Patrick’s birthday.  The Resto-Bar is in a gorgeous old French townhouse.  After walking up a spectacular staircase, you enter the dimly lit bar.  It really is beautiful, with marble counters and huge French doors that lead to an even more amazing outdoor patio.  We opted to sit outside and ordered an array of beverages.  On my first visit I got my very first Manhattan, and on my most recent visit I chose a White Russian (another first).  Both were really good…everyone else’s cocktails were great as well and I was happy that the group was down for taste-testing each other’s drinks (an old fashioned, pisco sour, and pear martini).  I really like Milion, not only for its drinks but for its overall atmosphere.  Steph always says how it’s a classy place with a very relaxed vibe, which makes it so different from similar places in New York that can sometimes feel pretentious.  Needless to say, we will definitely be going back before leaving BA.





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