It’s no secret that I love breakfast…and brunch…and brinner.  It is by far my favorite meal and I appreciate one that is well-made.  At home I always love my dad’s blueberry pancakes with Vermont maple syrup paired with my mom’s extra crunchy bacon and fluffy eggs.  In Buenos Aires, an American-style breakfast is quite hard to come by since locals choose much lighter fare (and sweeter…think dessert sweet), like medialunas with jelly or dulce de leche.  Although we did our best to recreate a homestyle breakfast, it was nice to finally find a place that served exactly what we were looking for.  Magdalena’s is an expat resto-bar up the street from our apartment that offers American-style breakfast at any time of day.  They have delicious pancakes (with real syrup!), breakfast burritos, corned beef hash, and bottomless mimosas.  The atmosphere is super relaxed, with outdoor seating under a trellis covered with vines, cool artwork inside, and great music playing the the background.  It has become our Sunday morning spot for family brunch and is always a nice way to finish up the weekend.




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