Stop and Smell the Roses

For a girl who is perpetually single, I have a lot of high standards for my future significant other (poor guy).  One thing I’ve always been very adamant about is the type of flowers my prince charming purchases for me (on a regular basis of course). I appreciate a little thought in gift-giving, and have always felt that giving roses is a cop-out and a little cliche.  That said, I’ve never really been a fan of roses in general.  However, I recently had a change of heart and can say that I now enjoy roses, mostly because of El Rosedale in Palermo.


El Rosedale is a rose garden in the park by my apartment.  It is a breathtakingly beautiful park, with vibrant green lawns, lovely fountains, and of course tons of colorful roses.  Upon walking through the entry gates you first pass through Writer’s Circle, which is surrounded by statues of many great writers like Shakespeare, Cervantes, and Borges.  Once through the circle, you enter the area of the park with all of the roses.  It is such a pretty spot with so many colors and surrounded by white pergolas and a pond.  I personally love an extra quiet spot at the edge of the pond under a willow tree.  Jess and I sat there and talked while enjoying the peacefulness of the area.










I definitely have a new appreciation for roses and their beauty, and won’t immediately put my future Mr. Right in the doghouse upon receiving them as a gift (maybe).


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