Santa Sabina

I’ll never forget the first time I went into Anthropologie.  I was with my best friend, and before walking in she assured me that it was going to become my all-time favorite store.  She could not have been more on point and the retailer remains one of my favorites to this day.  The stores are always so uniquely decorated and have the most interesting products.  I often cannot afford many things there, but make a point to buy something small each time I go since browsing the shop always boosts my mood.  I also get excited to receive their catalogue each season…the photos are always so beautiful and taken in exotic locations.  One issue was taken somewhere in Latin America, and I fell in love with the patterns and colors that gave such incredible life to the clothes.


June 2007 - glass bender blouse


While Jess was visiting, we stumbled upon a shop that reminded me so much of the pictures from that catalogue.  Santa Sabina is small, but packed with lots of unique treasures inspired by Mexican culture.  They had amazing embroidered dresses with bright colors (similar ones available here), hand-woven tapestries, and Dia de los Muertos skulls.  The shop gave me a similar feeling that Anthro did, and instantly became a favorite of Jess and myself (we visited the store two more times during Jess’ week-long visit).




Casa Chic

One thing I have tried very hard to avoid while down here is shopping.  It has been easier than I thought (probably from living with boys who could care less about shopping), even though we live so close to some of the best shopping in the city.  As hard as I tried, I could not let Quail visit without seeing some of the shops in Palermo SoHo.  One afternoon we wandered around the neighborhood and came across Casa Chic. I love the way the store is decorated, especially the artificial tree in the middle that’s used as a display for home goods and knick-knacks.  I really liked the clothes as well and even fell in love with a few t-shirts in the children’s section referencing the Hamptons.  Casa Chic reminds me of so many of my favorite shops at home, and I will definitely be going back to browse for inspiration (my wallet would probably combust if I tried actually making a purchase).





Love for Bendito Pie

Around the corner from our apartment there is a parilla that we eat at pretty often.  It is relatively quick, the food is good, and it is of course convenient since its right around the corner.  We’re trying, however, to branch out and explore our neighborhood a little and find new places to get a good, quick meal.  The boys came across a place called Mark’s Deli and Coffee House that got great reviews so we figured we’d give it a try.  The food was delicious, but I was more excited about the neighborhood around Mark’s.

Mark’s Deli and Coffee House.

Deeper into our neighborhood Palermo SoHo, the streets all become cobblestone and the shops and cafes are so pretty.  After doing a little window-shopping I couldn’t resist stopping in a store that my sister would call “a Kelsey store.”  The store, Bendito Pie, reminds me of a smaller scale Anthropologie.  The clothes were beautiful, with vibrant colors and patterns and a laid-back, bohemian vibe similar to Free People.  My current obsession from the store?…adorable printed loafers that come in multiple different patterns that are perfect for walking around the city.

Bendito Pie.

The shoes!