Pistachio Man

Now that it has officially become (very) hot in Buenos Aires, I have been thinking of things I would do when I was younger to stay cool before the days of central air and backyard swimming pools. When I was little, I remember waiting for my dad to bring home giant tubs of Ralph’s Italian Ice or making a trip to the original shop on Staten Island.  It is still one of my favorite summer treats, and I almost always go for a fruity flavor, while my dad either orders a cherry-lemon combo (two of Ralph’s originals), or a cone with pistachio ice cream.  I never understood how pistachio ice cream could be refreshing, or even delicious, but I see why it has been one of my dad’s favorites for so many years.  After a wonderful dinner at our friends’ place in Palermo, we stopped at Via Varese for some gelato.   I took an abnormally long time reading the menu (they have so many flavors!), but decided on a small cup with chocolate and pistachio gelato.  It was delicious and immediately reminded me of my dad, which made it that much more enjoyable.  I’m glad that simple things like icy treats have done the trick for me (along with massive bottles of water), and getting gelato to stay cool gives me an excuse to try as many combinations as possible from Via Varese.  My next pair?…mocha and super dulce de leche.


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